Sunday, 20 April 2014

Waggle Dance Revisited

Ok, so Easter's been good. Family seen and fed, some games played, Norwich lost... and finally I have the chance to look at Waggle Dance again. I like it. A lot. It plays really well, with two, three and four. It has plenty of options, plenty of room for pontification and analysis paralysis, what's not to love?
The Easter Bunny created chaos in Sunny Hounslow

I suppose I wish I could come up with some magical suggestions to improve the icons that Henry has asked me to consider. Yes, they're not quite there as yet. Or maybe they are, maybe someone has resolved this and I just don't know about it yet!! I do so hope so. It'll be close to perfect once they're right. And the rule sheet. It's in a 'map' fold-out style and I like that a lot. I think the order's slightly awry but not far off. I've made a few suggestions re terminology/language, nothing major and hopefully that will be of use. Anyways, I feel privileged to have the chance to try it out during development. It's going to do well come release time. Hurrah!

Also played some more Granny Wars, top game that, all the way from NZ. Plus Splendor which is another short, simple and involving game. I even managed to beat Basti at The City, now we've sorted out the rules a bit it's a bit easier for me!

Listened to a ton of music too; Bombay Bicycle Club, Tricky, John Newman, Los Campesinos, Soul Family Sensation pretty much on rotation. I so love my music.

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