Saturday, 19 April 2014

Hesitant Rain

So, the weather forecaster tonight told me that potential rain tomorrow was being hesitant. Forgive my seriousity but that ain't going to happen is it? Really? I think I have it in for weather forecasters in general. I struggle with the, literally, phenomenal, technological advancements I have witnessed during my lifetime and yet we still can't tell what the weather will do in a couple of hours time. Apart from in the Formula 1 pit lanes of course, they know, and change their tyres accordingly.

Yes, the only time we know what the weather's doing is actually as it happens. How many 'forecasts' begin telling us what the weather has done? Why would I want to know that? From a forecaster? Anyway, at least I know that the rain tomorrow will be hesitant. I can let my brolly to be similarly cautious, prepare my wellies too.

As it happens today was different from the normal Saturday. We had Mrs Hora's mum coming to stay with her other daughter, husband and youngest. I was told to make my roasted tomato soup for lunch and it was delicious yet again. Most of the soups I've tried to make have been either too watery, or too thick and lacking in flavour. This however, is both simple and tasty. One kilo of tomatoes get chopped and chucked in a roasting tin with a chopped red onion, red pepper, four carrots, two garlic cloves, a big glug of olive oil and seasoning. In the oven at gas mark six for 40-50 mins and then blitz with a pint of vegetable stock. The consistency is fine and the flavours are wonderful. Luckily, I made double today so there are two portions going into the freezer for the future. Perhaps for a day of less hesitant rain.

I made dinner too. Turkey gnocchi. I marinaded the turkey strips in lemon, garlic, mustard and olive oil. Cooked the gnocchi and the fried it with some onions before cooking the turkey and marinade, adding some cream and mixing the lot together. Side salad with mustard dressing and off we went. All very good. Ate too much apfel strudel with ice cream and cream - mmmm - for afters but sometimes... you know. Plenty of wine and John Newman, Soul Family Sensation and Tricky to accompany the food and all is well tonight.

Only thing missing was a couple of games but you can't have everything. I did manage to watch a couple of playthroughs earlier thanks to the wonderful Rahdo and Markus Wiehrauch. I will be investing in 'It Happens', but not 'Norderwind'. Also, may I make a smaller box for Splendor. There was an interesting forum discussion on the size of the box compared to its contents which included a link to UK game designer Jake Staines who I came across yesterday coincidentally. He's designed a print and play game that looks great, Maquis. Will give that a go when we get some more colour ink. In fact, the other two he's produced are also of interest, good man!

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