Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The Beloved

When I was younger, so much younger than today... I used to write to the bands I loved whenever Peel gave out an address on air. Through that I managed to correspond over time with Elizabeth Cocteau Twin, Morrissey, Dick Witts of the passage as well as forge two life-long relationships. The first of these was through Steven Burrows of And Also The Trees, and I've driven them around Europe on eleven of their last twelve tours, great fun! The other was with Jon Marsh of The Beloved. In their Peel days they were indie pop and for me were as perfect as I now believe Spearmint are. There are several songs I listen to over and over; L'Amour Dure Toujours, Seppuko Glory, and Idyll, plus their two Peel sessions: one of which was the most played Peel session of whatever year it was... yes, I jotted all the sessions down in those days.

When they moved into the house arena I loyally followed and found massive enjoyment in so doing. Dancing to proper dance music rather than indie pop was so much much easier and man did i like a good groove in those days. I loved all the remixes of their tracks, and Jon's remixes of others' work too: Depeche Mode, Alison Limerick, Blur, Nyam Nyam, to name but a few.

It's been a while but we've stayed in touch and today we met up for the first time in a while, chatted on about respective life problems, footie, music, had coffees at the RFH in the sunshine and then went shopping in the Speedo shop in Covent Garden before having lunch at Eat Tokyo just round the corner from Jon's studio. Jon's children managed to April Fool first thing, taping up the underneath of his mouse with him only realising upon the third restart of his computer... hilarious! Excellent to catch up, also interesting for me to be up in town too. It's been a long time but I managed it all fine.

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