Tuesday, 15 April 2014


So Mrs Hora has another birthday today. It's the 31st she's had since we've been together, wow! The children came in, way too early, but the collection of pressies was good, some books, secateurs, earrings, massager thingumajig, top and I've promised to get her 'band in a box' software so that she can jazz along with full backing. We had a family breakfast together too, the first in quite some time as we're all over the place when it comes to getting up.

Then a good march to the tube and off into Bayswater to meet up with Thierry, Helga, Ennio and Wim who are over for a week from Berlin. Thierry has been one of our best friends for so long. I bought a video of The Beloved he'd recorded in Paris way back and then when Cheryl was teaching at a language school in Lowestoft the French leaders told her about their friend Thierry who liked the same sort of music that she did. They gave her his address and it was the one I'd got the video from, obviously!

He moved over to London with Carole and we went and visited them and that was that. We followed them around various homes; Puteaux, Milan, Gladbach and Berlin. He and Carole got married. Cheryl was maid of orleans, I mean, honour. And we drove the piece montee down from Bayswater to Alfriston. We had to break off the top bit to get it in our Renault 5, thus dooming the marriage. It lasted quite some time to be fair. Thierry and I set up Peaceful Fish Productions in 1999 and he's still giving the world advice on film finance, film music and that sort of thing. He has yet another project starting up that I may be able to do some writing for, could be very useful.

They'd brought presents for all of us including an incredible Belgian Easter Egg, and Josie and I got a tinned gherkin each... plus the perfect napkin for me to use whenever we see my sister's husband Heinz again. We had a pleasant lunch together before the others all took off to go to Harry Potter World. I really wasn't up for it so returned home alone where I've managed to scape my shin falling down the stairs in the middle of some games reorganisation, ouch. Never mind. I fixed the shelf in Basti's room and managed to load it up with books giving additional shelving for games in the box room, hurrah! The others are all off to Brick Lane for some more food so I've no idea what time the taxi I'm driving will need to be at the tube, could have done with an early night. Not that there's anything to get up for tomorrow of course!!

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