Thursday, 10 April 2014

Rare Breeds

Suffolk, just outside Diss. Despite the fact that this rural part of the country is decades ahead of it's northern counterpart, still struggles with the internet. I opt to be www free for five days. It's different, in all the wrong ways.

Still, with time on my hands I read a little, nothing of substance. Wrote a bit, one poem I like, and another couple of works to work upon, plus a couple of blog entries, one I'll add here next and another for another double entry tomorrow. Played games with the children, many games; The City, Hanabi, Cuatro and Battle Line. Fortunes couldn't have been more different with the first of those and the last. Played about six of each with Basti winning all of The City, how did he manage to get so many park and fountain combinations? Battle Line though, I could do no wrong. Now obviously both games are dependent on the luck of cards picked up. But clearly I've decided that there's more you can do to influence the Battle Line. We even played twice with the tactics cards. Basti was keen to try these out and I resisted them, which means he didn't get to play very many!

Cuatro is definitely better with more than two. Another dice fest but some interesting choices to be made. Not bad. Hanabi was, unbelievable. Two three-player games, one including Nana, and we managed to get all the cards out, both times. Never happened before. Spooky but relatively straight forward too. If it hadn't have happened again last night with three new players at the IBG (Isleworth Board Gamers) I would have been more than surprised. But now I'm wondering if it's very possible, every time? Concentration. Great fun too!!

Nana is always so very generous on our trips out so we travelled back on two trains, two tubes, heavily laden with goodies. Footwear, sundry clothes, a new iron, rucksack, lemon curd, marmalade, teabags, a small poetry library, my tutor's new thriller, and Basti's xbox and wide screen tv of course. Only he would think to lug those around the country for four hours plus.

The children and I have also managed to get Nana to commit to visiting us again in Hounslow. It's been at least seven years so that's quite something. Fingers crossed it actually happens, there are plenty of excuses to be found between now and the end of May!

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