Saturday, 12 April 2014

Not a photo in sight

It's taken me several days but I think I'm getting back up to speed following the sojourn in Suffolk. Am back to the diet, jotting down my daily weight, rereading my mantras to keep me on track and writing out my intakes. Need to get back to the buying of food to ensure there aren't too many treats, and plenty of good fruit. More importantly I need to remember that Im trying to get my food intake to a low level, so that my eating patterns change to eventually become 'normal'. Whenever things go awry, as they did in Suffolk, I need to consider what I would say to a good friend who'd strayed from his/her regime, encourage them to start again and keep it going... Swimming was fine yesterday after a full week off. No problem reaching the mile again. Hopefully, will get a full week in next week.

Have also caught up with my emails, only two left to respond to although I seem to have deleted one of them so have asked the sender to resubmit. Similarly, have read through all the articles on the Geek so my gaming knowledge is bang up to date. Just a bucket load of play through videos to watch at some time. All very useful. Have one additional hand written blog to add here, maybe get a chance to do that later too.

Been into Kingston already this morning, Josie's iPod got a cracked screen through her brother's stupidity. Unfortunately, or conspiracy perhaps, it wasn't possible to replace it so we traded for a new one, £75. Had been hoping to get away with £20 replacement screen, ouch. Picked up another little something for Cheryl's birthday though together with a new kettle to replace our dangerously dripping old one. Kettles don't seem to last very long in our house, why is that?

Have enrolled at Richmond Adult Community College to do a five week intro to AppleMac course just after Easter. There are still several things I'm uncertain about and it was cheaper than replacing an iPod. Might stay on to do the intermediate course afterwards. Am absolutely loving Apple so far I have to say. Functionality seems so much better, and easier too. The course will undoubtedly answer my few questions and show me some useful stuff too, as well as some bits I'm never going to go near!

On the journey home we watched two firemen walking down the street in full regalia. They must have been no older than three, probably on the way to a friend's party I guess. They looked so cool, and funny. I imagined a real fire engine driving past but then stopping to say hello to the little guys. What a treat that would have been for them.

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