Monday, 12 May 2014

Spearmint - News From Nowhere - Buffalo Bar

This week is very very special for me. Of all the things I love in life there is nothing that gets close to my love of music. Within that love are a myriad of bands and artists that I adore passionately, they mean everything to me. I can't imagine life without their songs being around me, without gigs to go to. Never let me go deaf, that's all I ask.

And then there's the top of the tree, the star upon that Norwegian spruce in Trafalgar Square. It seems almost inappropriate to choose just one band. If you ask me what my top 10 albums are I'd have to rattle off a list of at least thirty, impossible to pick only ten... but, sorry, that should be, BUT, this band are the specialest, the most perfect, I have ever heard. I understand they might not do it for everyone but there's nothing but wonderful about them for me. They are quirky, funny, catchy, melodic, they really are purrfect. There's not a single song of theirs I have ever felt lukewarm about, and every single time I play their music it does it to me over and over again, that hairs thing, on the back of my neck. What a great invention that sensation is.

Stumbling across them back in July 1997 at the Water Rats Mrs Hora and I were blown away by this fun-packed live performance, handclaps, swirling harmonies, choppy, edgy guitar and pulsating beats and bass. We tracked them down again, and again, and eventually plucked up courage to thank them for the pleasure they were giving us, and eventually we got to know them little by little. Band-stalking is quite a profession for many and we didn't want to get too caught up! And then I was asked to drive three of them around Germany for seven acoustic gigs in January 2005 and my tour driving began. Imagine sitting in a Renault Scenic with three of your heroes for a whole week. It's a wonder we arrived anywhere, especially in the snowfall that winter.

Get it here!
Over the years the albums have come out, what a selection. I hosted a lyrics website for a few years, must dust those files off sometime perhaps, I packed them full of photos and useless/useful info on hidden pages, why did I hide them I wonder now? Never mind. I love that they run their own label, and always have done. A true Indie indie band. And the man Shirl, the main songwriter, well, he's a gem. Hell, they all are. Some of the loveliest people you could ever hope to meet.

There's a new album coming out, on the 26th May, News From Nowhere. I haven't heard a single song on it yet. I will love it. Simple.

Wednesday evening, they play the Buffolo Bar in Upper Street, by Highbury and Islington tube station. It's their first gig in a couple of years. It will be the 106th time I have seen them live... I can't wait. I really can't!

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