Friday, 16 May 2014

Kickstarter: Copper Country and more Thalatta

Well, another busy week - by my pretty laid back standards - has seen me tidying through papers, chucking out lots of it and feeling good about that. Went to the first Spearmint gig in aeons and it was straight back into a lovely evening, some great new songs, a few surprises that I love, The Whole Summer Long and Your Southern Skies, the latter providing fond memories of my first driving tour with Shirl, Si and Little Jim in Jan 2005. Anyway, you'd be shocked if I hadn't enjoyed it. It was wonderful seeing them all again plus all those other people that go to Spearmint gigs too. A real treat.

Most of the rest of the week has had me writing out the rules for Thalatta as well as a little bit of marketing spiel too;

The designer has been great to work with. He's let me ask the daftest questions, and lots of 'big' questions that I should have got straight a lot sooner! Never mind. I think we're there, he's whizzing the files around the world this weekend to play-testers he's lined up. All very exciting.

And after a couple of kick-starters finished last weekend I had a bit of a gap in the future production line-up and thankfully it was easy, very easy to choose something to slot in. Copper Country has been a game of interest for a while. There's been a growing swell of information about the game from the two designers for some time. They made some excellent videos, posted some enticing photos and brilliant artwork.

They sent an email through announcing the start of the campaign this week and so I duly signed up immediately. They sent a personal 'thanks' message straight away, always a good sign. And then replied to my response too... I find if you try and engage with the project a bit at the start you'll soon find out about how keen, enthusiastic, serious, the project leaders are. I recently backed out of a kickstarter for the first time. No reply to my mail, and no answers to a few questions raised. It looked interesting, some great art, but never mind.

Copper Country is all about mining in Michigan. I like mining games, this one seems to have quite a bit of depth - no pun intended. Here are a few Copper Country pieces to whet the appetite;

Take a look on the Geek

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