Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Election Hysteria

Election hysteria, mmm. So I decided to vote Green this time, both locally and EU. Having read through everyone, I promise you, everyone else's marketing blurb, they were by far the most closely aligned to my present raison d'être. And so you have to go with it. I'm not political enough for a tactical vote.

My overriding feeling about the elections was one of horror. I am severely frightened about the thinking of my compatriots, the level of their understanding, motivations and gullibility. My conclusion is that the power of the media must be peaking. Surely it must? There must come a time when being told how think reaches the ridiculous and something clicks inside and we decide, 'hold on, do I really have that much hate for a fellow human being?'

After a recent slight dig at Facebook friends not advising me how to be positive in my political outlook I have been impressed that social media is at least trying to be bold. These three links particularly hit home for me, and if only one of you has the time the take a glimpse into the articles then I feel I may have done my bit for once;

For more...

But what to do about the media hysteria. How do we change the journalists who 'perform', to me, like a good number of barristers, rather than think about what they are actually doing? Yesterday's mid-day news had someone interviewing a Labour MP and his questioning was interrogatory to say the least. He would not let the man answer. I had no idea whether he had anything to say or not, he wasn't given a chance. So presumably some would say that as a politician he should be able to influence a discussion, but I don't agree with that. If you're going to interview someone try to LISTEN to what they may to say and then ask the questions I would want asked... please.

I've tried to find the interview online but two hours have passed and although I'm sure it was Chuka Umunna being interviewed I can't find it. I can picture the BBC reporter too, but can't find a photo to discover his name... in this day and age too!

I don't know. I'm sure I'll find a poetic response but give me some better ideas and maybe it'll provoke the present 'Horatude'...

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