Friday, 9 May 2014

Just wow!

So, been working hard - couldn't believe it myself - on the PGCert final assignment and a big slug of marking too, but it's all done now so I can get back to explaining my brain for all and none...

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There are a few topics to catch up on but today's going to be a visual feast. First up is a wonderful creation by Chill, the drummer man in And Also The Trees, the joker in the pack, the entertainer when all else fails. I love his paintings, drawings, doodles and this is a real gem;

The secondly the artwork for the box for Waggle Dance has been uploaded to the Geek and I simply had to share it. Look at how colourful and detailed this is. Blown away is not a phrase I use lightly, or often, but maybe this did it;

Full details can be found on boardgamegeek

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