Friday, 27 June 2014

Gigs and Music

There's a flurry of gigs coming up, and as normal they are all bands I long to see, would hate to have missed and yet as the day's arrive I still have a doubt as to whether I really want to make the effort to go out. All part of the day-to-day coping I guess. Doubt is good for writers, in their writing that is, in the tale they are portraying I mean. On the courses they call it 'conflict' but I'm more than a little averse to conflict so I call it doubt.

Wovenhand, Bush Hall, 2014
Anyway, last week it was out to see the incredible intensity of David Eugene Edwards. There are only two 'performers' for me who seem to become possessed in their delivery, and I'm not doubting that others give their all, not for one second. But Mr Edwards and Simon Huw Jones go much further inside themselves and become raw, they expose themselves on stage and are enticing, are seducers of emotion, are out to take you with them on the journey into their minds, their soul. It is mesmerising, it is powerful and it is frightening too. Never must they change.

And Also The Trees, 2013
Tomorrow it's down to Brighton to see Polica, there should be an accent on the 'c' but I haven't worked that bit out on my mac as yet, sorry!! Playing their first album this morning has me very excited. It's even better because I'm meeting up with another Hora hero and his wife. So there's no way I'm missing this one!

Next up are The Naked & Famous and Basti's coming with me to that one which is great. The following week is Conor Oberst and then Daughter at Somerset House, such a great venue for a gig. The week after that is a return to Somerset House with the whole family for Bastille, Josie's very excited about this one.

Live music is such a treat, and I sincerely hope I never give up going to gigs. I can only count one really disappointing experience at a gig, that alone is amazing. Of all the money I've spent going to the cinema, theatre, football matches, other live events, that is incredible. Wow, I'm exhilarated just thinking about that!

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