Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Audience, hello, how are you?

In amongst lines of poetry and ideas for lines of poetry and words that might prompt ideas for poetry I came across a note trying to analyse the problem I have with blogging. Having done some bits in the past the thought of writing a small commentary on my life was fine. I'm sure I've stated previously that one reason I'm relatively quiet in public, especially in a group, is that I doubt how interesting anything I have to say will be. That's from the other side of the fence as it were, how often do I switch off or think I could be spending my time more efficiently by not listening to someone telling me something I do not wish to know. To be fair I only spend my time with interesting people so this is rarely an issue anymore.

Anyway, there's part of my perceived difficulty with blogging, digression. I love digression. I love where it takes you, it seems natural to me that other ideas will take over for a while and yet you can still revert to the original point in due course - just wrote 'original pint' there!! But, a lot of people don't seem to like it. Maybe I'm putting those off. Who cares! For me, the king of digression is Victor Hugo. A few years ago I waded through Les Misreables and loved it for its digression, intense, historically fascinating and absolutely too long to be true. Incredible piece of writing to hold the book together.

Right, back to the issue. Blogging problems. My biggest inhibitor is that some people do actually read this. And although I have a pretty good grasp of most of you - thank you so much! - there may be others lurking that I'm unaware of. So, I'm always thinking what would Vera like to know - must send her some poems - or maybe Chris is keen for some more games thoughts. Perhaps Tamsin is wondering what's happening with a writing group we would both like to be part of, or maybe my sister, or even my wife, is trying to work out the state of my mind. That's my problem, I don't know how to write to keep this disparate audience vaguely interested. And it also means that I can't really tell the world everything that's going on inside, which is where I thought this blog might have a release for me.

Am I after more engagement from my audience? No. I can speak to anyone I want to speak to easily enough. Do I want feedback on topics? No. I would never ask for that. I guess I just need to acknowledge my responsibilities whilst blogging, keep somebody interested enough each day, and find some more catchy titles that might entice a read...

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