Monday, 28 September 2015

I Can Lock All My Doors

Two weeks with no vehicle has been an interesting time. Public transport for shopping, for work and pleasure. My preferences for the bus have meant lengthy journey times and much walking. Or just staying in. Delaying plans for hall furniture has been a pain, the contents of the pre-decorated hall are encamped in the half-decorated lounge and our box/drying room. Not that it will all go back anyway. But we have to make those decisions with new furniture, naturally.

Online grocery shopping, for the first time in a very long time. But the thought of dragging more shopping back from wherever was too much. I watched the algorithm documentary over the weekend and so impressed was I by Ocado's warehouse that I just had to test it out. A friend is writing a novel about algorithms, from their point-of-view. Genius.

Wednesday I'll be up much earlier than normal. It takes four trains to get to Gloucester, wow. But the brilliant people at Skoda are collecting me and taking me to our new car, hurrah! And then a gentle journey home, take the family out for a spin and off to games, all under my own steam, result.

This week's music has been Everything But The Girl. Having loved the early Tracey Thorn, Ben Watts, Marine Girls on Cherry Red it took me until Walking Wounded and Temperamental to get into EBTG, odd that. Bought the enhanced versions of both recently and have loved hearing them and all the remixes over and over. The only other noticeable music thang was Gary Numan selling tickets for fans to go along to his tour rehearsals. I like that idea, why not? Good man.

Time for me to ask you to click on 'my poetry' under 'outpourings' from the left hand side menu. Only three page views - and I've looked at them four times - to date. Poetry's worth a brief look, even I'd argue for that.

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