Monday, 21 September 2015


It was 20 years ago this week that Cheryl and I moved into our house, a typical 1930s semi. Last week we had new wooden flooring in the hall and carpeted the stairs and landing. After 20 years we have decorated this house in its entirety. A few rooms have had several remakes but we'd never been able to strip off however many layers of gloss from the stairs and so never decorated the hall, landing, stairs. Well chuffed is what we are, that and bouncing up the stairs on our super new carpet!

In other news the inaugural meeting of a new writing group took place at the Orange Tree in Richmond last Tuesday evening. There were nine of us, quite an amazing number for a group I think. Plus two who weren't able to make it are very likely to join us. And the best part of it is, without exception, there is such a wealth of talent, such a refreshing amount of honesty in the feedback, that we can only continue to learn our craft together in sweet harmony as jonny b. love once sang. Very exciting!

Last, but by no means least, my friend Philip came out of hospital this week. Philip is a gaming buddy and unfortunately is bi-polar. He's had ten good years but in April suffered a huge set-back - brought on by Mr Cameron unsurprisingly - and has been in hospital for two lengthy spells. We played a close game of Bruges, close by my standards anyway as I only lost by about ten points, and it remains a huge favourite of mine. But more importantly it was good to have a chat with Philip in his own flat, and despite him being on his own quite a lot at the present time, I hope he continues his recovery at his own pace. He's an exceedingly bright fellow and I find him most agreeable!

That's my exclamation mark paragraph endings done, another poem's been loaded up. Take care all..

I am troubled by the space between sea and food, I'm sorry!

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