Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Hey! It's been a while, how ya doin'?

With the endow my studies now fading into the depths of my amnesia it's time to get cracking once again on the blog. One tricky thing about writing a blog is the constant worry about who might be reading it. You know, anyone at all is the immediate concern. And then you move on to those who provide you with an income, how much do you want your life expounded to them? I think the latter has impacted more than anything else on what I write about. Oh well!

So, where the hell am I at the moment then? Been spending time in psychiatric hospital again, visiting a good friend from the Isleworth Boardgamers, Philip. Poor chap is bi-polar and the election toppled him over. More on this in the next few days. Then I've managed to get invited at a poetry event. That some people really consider I have something to say through poetry amazes me, honestly. It's something I enjoy writing but to be thought of as a poet is like telling me I'm an Olympic swimmer just because I used to swim a mile before breakfast three times a week.
I've been concentrating on my novel writing though. And something may just about be coming of that. 'A Good & Useful Life' needs a final rewrite and then I have begun researching literary agents with a view to approaching them with it. The next one, 'Knowing Everyone's Okay' has also been receiving some overdue care and attention although my head's not quite as focused as it needs to be just yet. Soon my dear, soon. Finally, I've been taken on by Surrey County Council's Adult Learning team to teach creative writing twice a week from September. It obviously means I get to use my teaching qualification but much more importantly I can still be immersed in writing. I love that. Have taken a couple more courses at Richmond to help in that respect and it's been a real treat. Lovely to work with Tamsin and have contact with Sue again from our Horse Drawn Mail Coaches Writing Group days as well as being taught by the hugely impressive Susie Lynes - yes that was an adverb used with due consideration and care.

Boardgames have taken a slight back seat due to the writing but at least that's quelled my collection expansion. And on the back of that I have been starting to make inroads into actually playing some of the games piled everywhere around me. 

Music continues to dominate and there'll be more on this in the next few days too. Mew, I'm listening to you. The Unthanks and Annie Eve too. Oh yes indeedy!

Elsewhere the family are still wonderful. Basti is growing up fast now. Is still hooked into his xbox and digital entertainment although dos humour me with the odd foray into gaming. Josie is fighting hard with the world of becoming a teenager and the constant battle with 'friends'. Thankfully she is proud of her school work and no-one could ask for more. She's also a good calming influence on me and I love that. And Mrs Hora packs 48 hours into every day, causing herself so much stress that given a day off she tends to be most unwell. But that's how she lives and I can't see that changing anytime soon. She delivers the most incredible level of personal tutoring you could wish for. The amount of preparation is twice the length of the lesson and she still undersells herself constantly. Confidence woman!!

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