Sunday, 21 February 2016


The house is looking quite spruced after our extensive decorating of the last nine months. As I sit writing Mrs Hora and Jose are painting the kitchen, this will mean the whole of our downstairs has been done up, hurrah! That the stairs, landing and stairs to up, up have also been done is a bonus.

Yesterday I managed to put up a shelf in the hall, above the new hanging area, and today have added one to the stairwell up, up. There are hardbacks in the hall now, Susan Hill, Norman Colins, Jojo Moyes and Samantha Harvey predominantly. Today's shelf is stacked full of poetry, Keats, Coleridge, Owen, Sassoon, Yeats, Thomas, Mew, Cope, Redmond and plenty more. Above the poetry I've hung my signed aatt poster from their first acoustic gig on a Parisian rooftop, happy days!

2016 has begun pretty well for me. I was finally sent on Hounslow's 'Weigh 2 Lose' programme on the 4th Jan. Each week me and approximately fifteen others (only one other male) are given an hour's information on diet followed by an exercise class. Despite my coordination problems the latter is ok. I've managed to lose over one and a half stones so far although this week I seem to be stuck. The course is half way through and I feel confident that over a twelve week period I will get into much better eating habits. It's all about portion size, it's ridiculous how little we actually need to function. I still struggle in the evenings, dinner has been hard to reduce and not help myself to more delicious fare that I've spent some time putting together. Reducing alcohol has undoubtedly helped although I do miss the sensation of losing my mind.

The other side of the equation is exercise and being so incredibly huge has rather knocked my confidence about going swimming. Having lost most of my inhibitions with the gaining of age that wandering around in public area with my gut hanging out has remained a blocker. Another two stones lost and I'll be back in the water methinks. Another couple after that and badminton might become possible again. By that time Basti may be too good for me, tell will tell. In the meantime my fitbit keeps tabs on my steps and the target of 10,000 steps a day is starting to be exceeded with more regularity, I am consciously choosing to walk places I would never have done until recently.

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