Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Oi hed a Suffolk Blonde oi ded!

With dissertation deadline zooming towards me it was emergency measures time as my continuing inability to concentrate locked tight. The slightest noise, the tiniest interruption and my mind immediately goes into earnest irritation mode, not the best framework in which to attempt to write about your creative influences in an academic essay.

One of the continuing factors I love about Suffolk is its capacity to remain sleepy. Having mum taking care of my food requirements was a boon too. That she let me try and get my head in some sort of working order on the dining room table was blissful. It took some time I have to say. Despite having a first draft the discussions with my supervisor were around decreasing my self deprecation and getting rid of the ‘interesting’ digressions for more comment on what was going on in my brain as I put the poetry together.

An intensive 48 hours saw me with a considerably improved version and off it flew to Siobhan for her thoughts with my insecurities attached naturally. Whilst waiting for her comments I delved into the Humanities Style Guide, what an officious little beast that is. Footnotes and bibliography, grammar and styling, took another 48 hours just about, but once done it does add authority to an essay that was crying out for some.

And just as I thought about an early night Siobhan’s reply hit the emails. I almost daren’t look at it, save it for the morning was my initial reaction. Not possible to have a quick glance though was it? So I did. And she liked it. Several grammar and footnote comments but they’d mostly been addressed in the meantime. And her three main points weren’t massive either, indeed one I had worded poorly but had found improving my comment difficult so her solution was appreciated. 

The following 24 hours saw the final revision. It’s reading fluently, makes some positive observations and demonstrates what an irresistible poet I have become, huzzah!

During that time mum dragged me out of the house and into the quaint town of Eye for a pub lunch.  The response to my request for pint of lager was the usual abomination of the species or a Suffolk Blonde. It’s full of flavour, local, and the prefect accompaniment for fish, chips and mushy peas.

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