Friday, 18 July 2014

It's the knowing how inhuman we are

My minor gripes reach epic proportions today as I proffer a tiny view on Malaysian flight MH17 and the current situation in Israel and Palestine.

From the comfort of my London home it's easy for me. I cannot imagine having to protect my family. And I cannot understand what I might have to protect them from. It feels as though my world has evolved far enough that I will never have these worries. Which is where MH17 comes as close as anything can I guess. From the make-up of the passenger list all those who have tragically lost their lives probably felt pretty similar. I doubt they imagined they would be at risk for one second.

The proliferation of accusations and denials already leave me with doubts over whether the truth will come out; as ever, too much at stake 'politically'. I have not followed the conflict closely enough to have anything but the smallest understanding of what is motivating both sides.

That the position in Israel and Palestine is even more complex seems clear. That so many dismiss it as a conflict between religions is all a bit lazy in my opinion. Any 'truly' religious people would not let their beliefs lead them into a state of war. For me it's pure human greed, power, any of a huge number of inhuman traits, that has been behind all of this and more.

If we could all just focus on the basic human rights of food, water and shelter, if we could treat others as we'd wish to be treated, if we could all try and do one act of kindness each day, then I believe the world would be a better place. As I said at the top, it's easy to write this, never easy to make it happen, but a damn sight easier than becoming part of ongoing power struggles.

My heart goes out to everyone in the whole wide world.


  1. Kindness is the best thing around. Have a look at Amanda Palmers ukulele anthem. It's been going round my head since reading this.

  2. Rosie, that's spooky, was introduced to her about a fortnight ago, she's wonderful! Glad you have nice things going round in your head. ;-)