Saturday, 29 March 2014

There's Something Going On

Four years ago this week I went to see Stephen Jones play at the Scala. It was wonderful, he was entertaining, self-deprecating and played a good range from his large back catalogue. I was there with James from Spearmint and it was good to see him that evening too.

The following day I snapped. I cannot remember many details - have managed to throw them aside - and it was only a couple of weeks later that I spent the day going from the doctor's to A&E and into the Priory. Twenty-four hour observation for just over a fortnight and I began this lengthy process to keep myself safe.

Babybird were never that popular with Mrs Hora. She always found them too depressing. That one of the tracks Stephen performed that night was 'Failed Suicide Club' is obviously hilarious now. Until this morning I have not listened to any of Stephen's output, and I have everything. I would consider him to be one of my most favourite artists, he'd sit beside Billy Mackenzie, David Sylvian, Barry Adamson, Bjork, Nick Cave. I haven't consciously avoided him, although there must have been something preventing me I guess.

Anyway, this morning, looking for a short couple of songs to play in the car whilst nipping to Aldi and the Post Office, I selected Aim's single 'Good Disease' featuring Stephen Jones, and including a remix by him under his 'Arthritis Kid' moniker. It's a chilled down track, he sings falsetto, the lyrics are cute and I enjoyed it. I can feel some more Babybird coming on. For a long time I considered 'There's Something Going On' one of my top ten albums. They made so many good catchy songs, and Stephen's lyrical stories are quirky too. I've read his novels too, now they are full of strange characters.

Four years on then, time to get back into his world. He's just released 'Havoc' under the project name of Black Reindeer. It appears to be the 14th or 15th album of work he's put out. Some catching up to do then. I'm ready.

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